Lost Worlds Adventures offers 45,000 square feet of indoor family fun and entertainment! We’ve got activities for every age.
Scroll below to explore the possibilities for your next family outing, birthday party or group event!

Please note that adult supervision is required for children under the age of 15 for the safety of all guests. We appreciate your cooperation!


Why is it required that all guest enjoying the largest play structure in Northern California wear specific Lost Worlds Adventure socks?

a.) Because they are super stylish and go with most outfits
b.) Because who doesn’t need a slip-resistant pair of socks?
c.) Because we’re trying to corner the sock market.
d.) Because it’s our policy and we are very much about your health and safety!

If you answered “D” you’re right!

Although our socks DO look great on most everyone, our policy requires that ALL guests must wear specific, non-slip socks sold only at Lost Worlds Adventures locations. These non-skid safety socks need to meet our standards, so we can’t allow socks from other facilities.

We take your safety SUPER seriously! So, SOCK ON!


Super Play Structure

Our 4-level, “Hungry For More,” Super Play Structure is the most monumental in Northern California and features Huge Wave Slides, Tube Slides, a Trampoline with Foam Pit and and an Incredibly-Expansive Ball Pit! Safety Socks are required. Max height to play in the play structure is 48 inches.

Ninja Agility Course

Calling all bipeds! You’ll need balance, strength, agility, coordination, endurance, and courage to take on our Ninja Agility Course! Go the distance! Safety Socks are required. Minimum
height is 48 inches to play.

Black Light Mini Golf

Black-light Miniature Golf transports players of all ages on a Jurassic journey through the lost eras of the dinosaurs! Experience a whole new Wild World of Adventure in mini golf as you have never played it before!.

Mini Bowling

Give a Spin to a timeless game! Use historic handheld bowling balls to knock down as many pins as you can before the dinos get them first!

Laser Frenzy

Test your dino skill and agility surrounded by laser beams! Beware…It’s a Fossil Frenzy as you must navigate the lasers carefully to achieve a high score!

Arcade and Games

Our cutting-edge technology Arcade includes new world games and old world classics such as 2-person and 4-persosn Air Hockey, Mini-Hoops, Skee-Ball, and much more…

Ultimate Laser Tag

The competition is epic in our 7,000 square foot multi-level Laser Tag arena. The most advanced Laser Tag experience in Northern California! Minimum height is 44 inches to play.

Spider Tower

How many legs do you need to get though this Spider Tower? If you are a bi-ped, are warm-blooded and like a good dino-challenge, this course is for you! Safety Socks are required.

Build A Dino

Take home a grrrreat souvenir to remember your day of adventure. Build your own dinosaur or bear!

Ball Pit

Be careful…Iguanadons love to play in our ever-expansive Ball Pit, and you will too! Have fun with OLD friends and new ones you meet. Socks are required in the exciting.

Climbing Walls

When you’ve pushed to he limits with our 5 most-dino-tastic climbing adventures! Safety Socks are required. Minimum height is 48 inches to play.

Super Slides

Going down – need to escape fast? Put your arms up to Slide Faster and evade the T-Rex! These monstrous Super Slides are safe, fun, and scream-worthy…Safety Socks are required.

Ropes Course

When you’ve pushed the limits with our 5 climbing adventures, aim even higher and try the pole walk! Safety Socks are required. Minimum height is 48 inches to play.